International Investment Opportunities

Ireland- your portal to a global business!

A lot has been talked about till now about the great corporate tax rates of just 12.5% in the Republic of Ireland. There’s a reason afterall that the world’s leading medical device, pharmaceutical manufacturers and technology companies from Google to Abbott Labs to Airbnb and Boston Scientific have all set up their European Headquarters in the Republic.

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And, if you’re looking to invest in Europe, it may just make sense to consider setting up in Ireland too.

Ireland- a super option for investing in a reliable market

With Brexit upon us, Ireland is quickly gaining favour in the eyes of international investors who still want to be able to do business in Europe, as well as in an English speaking country. Ireland’s workforce is highly educated, friendly, and efficient. And very well-travelled. Which makes for a terrific opportunity to build a world-class operation for your business. And Ireland’s friendliness and hospitality is world renowned, and could be the perfect place to relocate your existing staff and operations.

There are in fact many great reasons to look at Ireland for your global headquarters for your growing franchise OR to review your options for expanding your franchise in Ireland. With an historically long and excellent relationship with North America, Ireland is also a super testing ground to try out new franchise concepts and products in a smaller, but responsive market, before launching your brand in the US or Canada.

Our team at FDSI has many years of experience both building franchise units as well as franchise systems in Ireland, the USA and beyond. If you’re looking to make an investment and need a team of advisers that make it their business for you to succeed, then look no further than FDSI. We look forward to being of service. Contact us today for a free consultation for investing in international franchising.