Growing Franchises

Europe is still a relatively young market for franchising

It’s true! Did you know that for all the typical regulations you would expect, it is actually far simpler to set up a franchise in Europe today than it is in the USA! Whether you have an established business you’d like to expand across Europe, or a new concept you’d like to test in a smaller English speaking market like Ireland before taking your dream global, the team at FDSI has the expertise and experience to help you execute your business plans.


Franchising has been around a long time in North America and has grown into a robust and highly regulated industry that contributes as much as 25% of annual GDP in the USA. Many of the concepts that work well in the States are not nearly as popular in Europe, but that doesn’t mean franchising is a bad thing for Europeans. The data actually proves the opposite.

A franchise is simply a well-tested, proven and successful business system

Most people believe that going into business is a really risky proposition. And in many cases they’d be right, as much as 90% of the time. But did you know that statistically a franchised business (a proven model) is more than 90% likely to STILL be in business after the first 5 years compared to an independent business, which is 90% likely to have failed by then?!

And the beauty of this is, it doesn’t matter the type of franchised business nor what market it operates in for these stats to be more or less accurate across the board.

So if you’re one of the successful independents that is looking for a proven way to grow your business beyond your first location, the FDSI team has the resources and knowledge to help you get to Europe—and beyond– through franchising! Give us a call today or learn more about what’s involved in franchising from our Franchise Learning Centre here on our website.

We look forward to hearing from you if we can answer your questions.

Geraldine and the FDSI team