Dear Aspiring Business Owner…

Did you know?

Franchising accounts for roughly 25% of the GDP of the United States and has proven to be a recession-proof business sector as a whole over the past 50 years? This is because franchising is based on the idea of putting smart and functional systems in place at every level of a business.

Franchising now has been witness to an explosion of new types of businesses entering and growing internationally, in a variety of sectors, beyond the traditional McDonald’s restaurants and fast food operations you may initially think of.

Here at FDSI we work with the “best of the best” franchised companies internationally and are extremely passionate about this way of doing business. We hand pick the franchise concepts we want to work with and that we know will have a positive impact on growing jobs and terrific ownership opportunities in Ireland. Our country has seen a real renaissance since our downturn in 2008. As former franchisees ourselves, we know that franchising is a great option for serious entrepreneurs who are looking to find a less-risky way of getting started on their business ownership journey.

Check out our gallery of great business options currently available in Ireland. We are looking for a few good aspiring business owners to award new businesses around the country to. Have a look, visit these brands to learn more on our sister website, and contact us if you’d like more information about getting started now.


Barry and the FDSI team.