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Why we do what we do.

From difficulties are born opportunities…

Headquartered in the scenic and vibrant capitol city of Dublin, Ireland, Franchise Development Solutions International is an emerging leader in global franchise consulting. With our resurgent economy, and leading position as Europe’s main English-speaking country since Brexit, our company and team are in a singular position with a global vantage point, to deliver exceptional vision and service as partners to your next franchise business project.

It’s no secret that Dublin has been rapidly growing as the #1 choice in Europe for the world’s leading tech companies to set up shop. Dublin is home to the European headquarters for Google, Facebook, Airbnb, and dozens of other household names. We’ve even had some of our own home-grown mega hits, such as Stripe and King, makers of the game Candy Crush. Together these multi-nationals have collectively helped to drive Ireland’s recovery and have spawned scores of smaller tech and research companies in the process. And, it’s been these smaller enterprises that have been doing great work to improve business operations for their small to medium sized business customers at home and abroad. This uptick in small business growth has been at the heart of Ireland’s ability to recover so quickly from such a devastating crash.

SMEs and, in particular franchising, is a proven way forward…

Benefiting from this positive atmosphere of resurgence and innovation, and as longstanding advocates of ethical franchising practices, having been franchise owners ourselves, our team has an unwavering belief in this business model to drive further Small/Medium Enterprise growth at home and abroad. The old saying of ‘being in business for yourself but not by yourself’ has never been so acutely understood here in Ireland. And, from decades of success and proof that franchising can grow economies and offer opportunities to families, graduates and other smaller investors, the team at FDSI are passionate champions of the model for de-risking business startups and offering aspiring and established business owners a true path to self-actualisation through sustainable growth. As a result, Franchise Development Solutions International was formed in 2013.

Our Vision

Our goal is to educate and guide quality, unique, innovative, scaleable international businesses on how to grow through applying best practices in franchising, whilst ensuring that technology and innovation is core to their strategies. Our business educates business owners, governments and the general public on franchising and best practices.

We have 3 Core Divisions: Consultancy, Online Media/Marketing & Technology & Innovation Hub. Learn more about the team who is looking forward to assist you in these pages and contact us to arrange a time to talk about your business growth.


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